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2023 24th International Conference on
Digital Signal Processing

11-13 June 2023 · Island of Rhodes · Greece

Special Session Title: Recent Advances in Radar Signal Processing and Applications

Organisers: Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu (Thales LAS/SRA), France
Eric Jeanclaude (Thales LAS/SRA), France


Recent events have revived interest in defense systems, for which radar are essential. In particular, threats have become smaller, quicker, more agile and possibly acting in swarms. Also, while hypersonic threats dynamics and phenomenology are not very well known yet, it is very likely that they will behave differently than classical ones, and will require the development of new detection and tracking algorithms.

In the meantime, in recent years we have witnessed the development of an increased number of civil applications using radar or related technologies, in fields as variate automotive industry, integrated communications and sensing for 5G/6G applications, through-the-wall radar, gait analysis, robust estimation in sensor networks, to name just a few.

This special session aims at bringing together researchers from both academia and industry, to share recent advances in the field of signal processing for radar applications.

Research papers are solicited in, but not limited to, the following area topics:

– Disruptive approaches and algorithms in radar and sonar signal processing
– MIMO concepts and applications
– Surveillance radar signal processing
– Multi-surveillance radar applications
– Joint Sensing and Communications
– Radars for Elderly Care
– Machine Learning applications in radar processing
– Distributed sensing and sensor collaboration.

Biography of Organisers:

Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu: After an academic career, she joins Thales LAS in 2018 as Research and Innovation Director for Air Mobility Solutions and since 2022 for the Business Line Surface Radar.

Eric Jeanclaude : 35 years in radar experience, from Signal & Data Processing to System Architecture (both in algorithm and development process). As of today, Design Authority and Technical Director of the Business Line Surface Radar.

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